Dog Training Classes

We now offer several training options for you and your pet.

Classes offered by Diann Andress CPDT-KA

Basic Good Manners...
Basic Good Dog Manners is for all non aggressive dogs 14 weeks old and up.  Dogs will learn the following:  attention, sit, down, stand, stay, walking on loose leash, come, leave it, polite greetings and socialization.  Classes are limited to 8 dogs.  Register early to reserve a spot in class! 

Beginners Agility Class
... Dogs must have some basic training, sit, down, come and stay.  Puppies have to be 6 months or older.  They will learn all agility equipment plus some agility tricks in this 7 week course.  Agility Class is suggested as a further education course to build confidence, cognitive thinking skills, balance, self control and social behaviors.  Dogs that are people or dog-aggressive are not accepted in this class!  

Therapy Dog Prep Class...dogs must have all the basic manners skills, sit, down, come, stand, stay and walking on a loose leash.  Dogs must enjoy people and other dogs.  This class is based on the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.  No aggressive or fearful dogs will be accepted in this class.  This class is limited to 8 dogs.  Register early to reserve a spot in class!  

Diann Andress is a certified professional dog trainer.  The training method used by Diann is a modern day scientific based approach to dog training.  This training method is a force free approach to training where we teach the dog and human to communicate with each other rather than the old fear of correction methods.  It doesn't matter whether it is manners training, agility training, therapy dog or problem solving with dogs that have behavior issues, each dog and human are treated with respect and kindness!