Upcoming Events

Sunday, July 31st is Community Day @ the Lakeland Boat Show! 
Half of all ticket sales revenue will go to the Humane Society of Polk County that day only, courtesy of Today & Tonight Magazine!
For more information on this event visit the website at Lakeland Boat Show
Sponsors include:  97 Country, Max 98.3 FM, Today & Tonight Magazine and Thunder Marine

Volunteer Orientation - We Need Your Help!

If you are interesed in volunteering at the Humane Society we will be having orientation on the following dates:

Thursday, August 4th 3:00pm
Tuesday, September 13th 3:00pm

Thank you for helping us help the animals!

What is required to be a volunteer?
Because there is a considerable amount of time involved in the training of our volunteers, our volunteers are required to join our efforts by becoming memebers of the society.
Membership Fee is only:  $35 for adults and $30 for students which includes:
volunteer t shirt, wrist band and a drawstring sports bag.
Once we recieve your application we will sign you up for the next orientation class.

 Offsite Adoption
@ the Posner Park
PetSmart -the best PetSmart in Polk County!
 Saturday, Aug 20th 11:30-3pm

 Offsite Adoption
@ the Winter Haven PetSupermarket
Friday, Aug 26th 10-2pm

Positive Reinforcement - Force Free Dog Training
 Basic Good Manners Sat. August 6th 9:00am
Baisc Good Manners Sat. August 6th 10:15am
Tricks and Better Manners Sat. August 6th 11:30am
Basic Good Manners Sat. October 22th 9:00am
Basic Good Manners Sat. October 22th 10:15am
Tricks and Better Manners Sat. October 22th 11:30am

Join us Cruisin for Critters on "The Critter Cruise"